Phyllis LaSage, or Fifi by her friends, is my late grandmother. I didn't know her too well, for she died before I ever got to meet her. She, and her husband and my grandfather, left behind many objects for my parents and relatives to possess. One intriguing memento she left behind was a scrapbook. On the verge of being tossed in the trash, I held on to the only thing that allowed me to get to know Phyllis without conversations with my mother and her siblings. To memorialize and learn about Fifi, I constructed three canvases to depict a story about her life in some form. 

The two figures in the one depicts the love between my grandmother and grandfather. The second, is an abstract road map to represent the traveling she did for the sake of her marriage, along with the friendships she's made along the way. The last is the representation of my grandfathers service to the Navy and Military that deals heavily with the advanced technology of radar, back in the 1940s. 

To me, her story is forever open for people to see in my own interpretation.

© 2018 by Jeralise Tylke